Patience Pays off with Asters

There’s something special happening in Northfield. It’s not far from town, right off of Highway 19, just a stone’s throw from the road. Turn south at the Knecht’s sign and you might be able to catch a glimpse. In fact, we’re pretty sure you won’t miss it. What is it? What are we so excited about?

The asters are popping!

We’ve waited all summer to see these beauties bloom and they’re rewarding our patience with their gorgeous reds, blues, pinks, and purples. These perennials flower prolifically in late summer and autumn- a last hoorah of sorts- and they provide lovely color in the landscape when most flowers are done for the season. Not to mention their benefit to pollinators looking for a late-season meal. 

Plant asters in a sunny spot with good drainage and good air circulation to prevent mildew on the foliage. Water them deeply at planting time but take care not to overwater these drought tolerant beauties. Pinching them back in early and mid-summer will ensure bushy, happy looking plants.

Come on down and look at the several varieties of asters we have in stock. They won’t last long!