Patience Required for Spring 2018

While the calendar says it is Spring 2018, the weather forecast through the first week of April is more wintry than spring like.  Temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below normal are likely.  When it comes to the urge to get out into your yard and gardens, patience will be required.

It appears that this year the ground will be fully thawed 2-3 weeks later than in recent years.  Most gardening activities need to wait until after the ground has fully thawed, or damage to roots of grass and perennials may occur, as well as soil compaction if the ground is worked or walked on / driven on before it has not only thawed, but also dried enough to avoid compaction.  Patience will be rewarded.

When daytime temperatures consistently climb into the 50’s, it will still take a week or more for the soil to fully thaw and dry enough for gardening to proceed without causing unintended problems.  In the meantime work on your tools and machines to get them in good shape for the coming season, draw up plans for your 2018 garden projects and plantings and hope for the weather to warm!