Patio – Day 4 and 4 1/2

Today, Jim and Todd finished the patio.   On Day 4, the caps were added to the top of the wall , backfilling behind the wall and smoothing out the uphill slope behind the patio was completed.  The client added a small sidewalk that leads from the patio to the steps that lead down to their lower level.  A thick layer of mulch was placed on the disturbed areas directly behind the patio.  The photos show the caps being added to the wall,  sidewalk, the view of the patio from their family room door, and the completed patio with sidewalk path.   This patio is definitely a great addition to this home and Jane and Dennis will soon be enjoying their new outdoor room!  We are exceptionally proud of our installation team of Jim and Todd.  This was a difficult site and it turned out terrific.