Paul’s Select Norway Spruce

Paul's Select Norway Spruce
Paul’s Select Norway Spruce

If you are looking for an alternative to Colorado Blue Spruce, you might want to try the little known ‘Paul’s Select’ Norway Spruce to add a beautiful blue conifer to your landscape.  Paul’s Select Norway Spruce sports beautiful blue needles, superior disease resistance and a modest stature.   This Zone 3 plant will only reach a mature height of 12′ x 6′ wide.

Paul’s Select will grow best on fertile and well-drained soils.  Avoid wet soil.  If you want a handsome spruce tree that won’t outgrow its space, consider the Paul’s Select Norway Spruce.  We have some nice ones in our inventory, but since it is not widely available, quantities are limited.

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  1. They are hardy to Zone 3 – but I am not sure on Zone 7. I would check with your local nursery in your area for that advice. We do not ship.

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