Peak Performance Trees

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt Knecht’s Nurseries we produce Peak Performance Trees by placing them into specially designed and constructed plastic pots that have dozens of openings in the side walls, and even on the bottom of the pots.  When tree roots contact these openings they are soon root pruned by the air drying out the tip of the root.  This prevents roots from circling and becoming root-bound as they so often do in standard solid walled plastic pots.


A tree that is not root bound will just plain grow better.  The air root pruning that Knecht’s Peak Performance Trees experience in their special pots does not harm the tree.  Instead, the root system is actually stimulated by the air root pruning at the outer edge of the pot  The stimulus response produces huge quantities of fine roots inside the root ball that virtually eliminate transplant shock at planting time, and speed establishment of new roots into the surrounding soil.

Stop in at our garden center this April or May and see the remarkable Peak Performance Trees at Knecht’s Nurseries.  Better yet, plant a Peak Performance Tree this spring and experience the joy of watching your new tree grow vigorously the very first season it is in your yard!