The Perennial Bed Border

Fabulous Color Creeping Quietly!

The low profile carpets and mounds of brilliant pink, blue, white, purple and red color you may have noticed the last coupe of weeks may be different varieties of creeping phlox.

Woodland Creeping Phlox
Woodland Creeping Phlox

There are varieties for the sun or for the shade.  Along our walkway, right in front of my ‘Irish Luck’ hosta we have the woodland creeping phlox.  It provides a bright splash of color right now as we await our other perennials to blossom.  The woodland creeping phlox are slightly taller than those for sunnier gardens.  Blooming for a few weeks, than the flowers fade and they provide a nice accent of green while the other garden performers take over.

We carry both the varieties that do well in full sun to half day sun, and several varieties of the woodland creeping phlox that can also deliver radiant color in part shade to most shade areas.