Perennial Hibiscus

Cherry Cheesecake Hardy Hibiscus
Cherry Cheesecake Hardy Hibiscus

Perennial hibiscus in Minnesota?  You betcha!  This is a perennial for the back of the perennial border.  Even small perennial gardens can have a hardy hibiscus.  Growing to heights of 3′-4′ tall – it will wake up quite late in the spring – making you think you’ve lost it due to a cold winter.  My hibiscus has been in the far side of our garden for several years now.  This past spring, I thought it was a goner since we had little snow and I thought it had froze too hard.  However, early June it sprang up and is now filled with many blossoms.   The blossoms?   Dinner plate size.

Hibiscus like full sun to partial sun/shade.  Provide adequate moisture.  In the fall, after it has gone dormant, prune down to 2′-3′ and apply a heavy layer of shredded mulch over the top of the crown to “tuck it in” for a long winter’s nap.  In mid-April, pull the mulch away and wait for it to wake up for the growing season.  Let your hardy Hibiscus become the summer “star” in your perennial garden!

Summerific ‘Cherry Cheesecake’ Hardy Hibiscus.  Creamy pink buds open to very large 7″-8″ white flowers with magenta tipped ruffled petals and magenta veining radiating out from the cherry red eye.  Relatively compact, well-branched, rounded habit with dark green foliage and boasts flower buds all the way up the stem.  Cherry Cheesecake is proud to be in the Proven Winner series of plants!

'Heartthrob' Hardy Hibiscus
‘Heartthrob’ Hardy Hibiscus

‘Heartthrob’ PPAF.  Our darkest red flowering hibiscus!  Near-black, glossy buds open to luscious deep red blossoms with a blackish red center and veining.  Larger flowers – 8″-10″ wide, it has rounded, overlapping petals.  It will form a compact well-branched rounded clump of green, hydrangea-like foliage.  Hibiscus are attractive to hummingbirds and are deer resistant.