Perennial Salvia ‘Blue Marvel’

There’s a new perennial salvia on the bench at Knecht’s, and it came to represent!  Salvia ‘Blue Marvel’ is a compact selection with the classic, long lasting, bright violet-blue flower spikes. What sets
Blue Marvel apart from all the rest, is its amazingly large flowers. In fact, of all the Salvia nemorosa, Blue Marvel has the largest flowers. They’re blooming from late spring to early fall in true salvia form, attracting butterflies and hummingbirds all summer long. This floral phenomenon has a compact and bushy growth habit.  The clean grey-green foliage is deer and rabbit resistant, and makes for one marvelous sun loving perennial!

What to know so you can grow: Salvia prefer full sun. That’s 6 hours or more of sun a day. They are an easy going plant, tolerant to a wide range of soils. Sandy to heavy clay, alkaline to acidic, dry to moist, they can handle it. ‘Blue Marvel’ grows to 12” tall and wide.  It’s a great choice for edging, perennial borders and mass plantings.

3 thoughts on “Perennial Salvia ‘Blue Marvel’”

  1. Hello Heidi,

    This Salvia Blue Marvel sounds MARVELOUS. What attracted me to it is its ease of growing, critters don’t like it, it is beautiful
    and the hummingbirds and butterflies like it. Wow! Sounds like my garden needs this beauty. Thanks for the valuable info.


  2. Hello There,
    My name is Vivi, how are you?
    I would like yo know if Gaura and Salvia Rose Marvel is non toxic to dogs?
    I would appreciate your quick response!
    Thank you very much!


  3. I just checked the list put out by the ASCPA and neither plant was listed as toxic. There are many lists out there so I would suggest checking more.

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