Autumn Joy Sedum

Perennials for Fall Color

Maples, serviceberries, and oaks are classics for their vibrant late season color, but don’t stop at trees when planning your fall landscape. For a fall garden that glows from the ground up, plant some of our favorite perennials for fall color.

Perennials for Great Fall Color  

Coral Bells and Foam Flowers Heucheras, Heucherellas, and Tiarellas are workhorses when it comes to color. Amazing hues throughout the season intensify on many varieties as the weather cools down. Coral bells are also great for long-lasting fall containers because they can sustain frosts with aplomb. Charming combined with ornamental kale and mums or in a container all on their own! 

Coral Bells
Coral bells have fantastic fall color

Sedum Many varieties of sedum are at their peak at the end of the season. Their flowers cover the spectrum from bright magenta to soft pink and habits span the gamut from mounded ground cover to tall and upright. The faded flowers add interest well into winter after the fall blooms are done. Because of sedum’s late bloom time, it makes an excellent choice for pollinator gardens too!

Autumn Joy Sedum
Autumn Joy Sedum in September

Grasses Many grasses show us their true ornamental value late in the season, so they make some of the best perennials for fall color. Vibrant yellow-orange switch grass and deep burgundy bluestem standout in a landscape that has lost it’s summer pizzazz. Along with great color, interesting seed heads feed winter birds and tall blades sway in the breeze for a fantastic fall feel. 

Northwind Switch Grass Fall Color
Northwind switch grass fall color

Hardy Geraniums Hardy geraniums display a gorgeous array of fall colors. Imagine a carpet of autumnal foliage under a golden sugar maple or tucked around evergreens. In addition to their great fall color, hardy geraniums are undemanding perennials to grow. Many have flexible sun requirements and flower on and off throughout the season. Blue, pink, and purple blooms are complemented by pleasantly aromatic foliage on certain varieties.

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