Fall Sugar Maples

Plant, water, repeat!

Blazing hot summer temps have subsided and that means it’s a great time to get trees and shrubs in the ground. Need some fall color? Plant a vibrant maple. Interested in feeding the birds? Consider a Showy Mountain Ash or winterberry. Our fall sale is in full swing and we’ve got hundreds of varieties on sale that are sure to please.

Benefits of fall planting: Planting in cooler temperatures spares your new friends the stress of dealing with extreme summer heat as they get established. Shorter and cooler days tell plants to focus more on root growth than leaf and flower production, so they can get settled and comfortable in the ground before going dormant for the winter.

Special note: It hurts to think about, but winter is coming. Make sure your fall plantings are prepared for the cold weather by keeping up watering until the ground has frozen; well-watered plants are more insulated from extreme temperatures and wake up much happier in spring. Don’t forget the mulch! A layer of mulch about 2-4 inches deep protects tender roots and retains soil moisture.