Planting Large Trees

The tornadoes of September 20th, 2018, forever changed the landscape at our home and woods located near the Cannon River Wilderness Park.  

This spring has seen the cleanup of the yard and a start on the woods.  We have replanted many trees – some just small little seedlings – some a little larger and we have just had a large tree moved in with a tree spade truck.  The new Autumn Blaze Maple reaches just over 40 feet tall!  It is exciting to see such a beautiful larger tree now gracing the edge of the woods – just beyond our yard.  Round one of the tree planting has been accomplished and round two will be later in the summer.  

Our neighborhood was hit hard with the tornado and our neighbors are also planting trees.  Yesterday – one of our neighbors also had larger trees moved in.  It’s actually quite easy to have these trees installed in your yard.   We contract with Strese Tree Service from Dennison, and it starts with their truck coming to your yard and digging a hole.  The soil is then brought back to our field, deposited in an empty hole and they then dig the tree, and return to your yard and plant it in the hole they had just dug.  

We have two different fields which have larger trees available.  Deciduous trees anywhere from 3″ in trunk caliper up the 7″-8″ can be moved easily.  Evergreens typically start at about 6′ in height and can go to 16′-17′ tall.  Evergreens are sold by the foot of height.    The cost varies by size of the tree, variety and your location.  

If you would like more information on the planting of these larger trees, please contact us!

Digging the hole
The empty hole that was dug.
Bringing in the tree.
Begining to lower the new tree.
A little lower
Almost done!
A new addition to the yard!