Popcorn Blossoms

At the Northfield Home and Garden Business Showcase held at the Northfield Arena this past weekend, a local garden club member made these creative and fun branches with “popcorn” blossoms. What a fun idea for spring decorating! I asked her where she got the idea and she told me that her mother used to make them when she was young. After the Business Showcase they were given to a local retirement center to decorate around the outside of their chapel. The birds are going to love them! She just splotches on a little food coloring with a paint brush to give the popcorn the appearance of a blossom and then glues them onto bare branches. They can be pretty convincing as I saw more than one person smelling them to see if they were real:)
It won’t be long and we will have the real thing in full bloom here at the nursery. The buds are already starting to swell.   This blog was submitted by Heidi Brosseau – our retail manager.