Autumn Blaze Maple

Leif planted this Autumn Blaze Maple about 8 or 9 years ago – as a small potted tree. It is now almost 40 feet tall. The Autumn Blaze is by far the most popular tree on the landscape market. The characteristics of this tree is that it is a fast grower, can tolerate a variety of different soils and what more can be said about the fall color?

If you are contemplating planting a tree that you want to achieve fall color with, but don’t feel that you can plant one this fall – still go out and shop NOW for the tree. Stop in and look at our trees and the fall color that they have – write it down so that next year when you would like to plant – you can ask for the tree that will give you the fall color that you want!

Our fall sale is still going strong and now is a great time to stop in and purchase your Autumn Blaze or other trees, shrubs and perennials.