Tyger & Jordan

Since Spring is taking it’s own sweet time in getting here – last weekend we took our two little grandsons to the Marshall Field’s Flower Show in downtown Minneapolis and then to the “Amusement Park at Mall of America”. To make it even more fun for the boys – we parked at the Mall and took the new light rail downtown. The amazement on the eyes of a little guy riding the train! Only if the joys and amazement of the three year old could remain in adults!

Jordan will be 6 in June and Tyger is only 3 1/2 so he was really excited and couldn’t get enough of the rides. He is our “little” one and even though he could ride on some of the rides, he was a little too short, so Grandma and Tyger had to find other rides while Grandpa and Jordan went on the “big kid” rides.

The weatherman is predicting above normal temperatures now after this weekend so hopefully the snow will leave in a few days. Even though we had a mild winter – we are definitely ready for it to be over with!