Firefall Maple

The Firefall Maple – ‘Firefall’ (TM) Freeman maple, the newest tree release from the University of Minnesota, is the result of a cross between ‘Beebe,’ a cut-leaf silver maple, and an earlier U of M red maple introduction, ‘Autumn Spire.’ Field trials began in 1992, with young trees evaluated for form, cold tolerance, and quality and timing of autumn leaf coloration. The initial selections were clonally propagated by softwood cuttings in 1994 and distributed to cooperators in Iowa, Oregon, Manitoba, and outstate Minnesota

We are excited about bringing this tree into our inventory. Last year we obtained the license from the University of Minnesota to propogate this tree. In addition to working on our own tissue cultures, we received a shipment today of 240 tissue culture Firefall Maples from one of our suppliers in Oregon. Leif potted these up himself and is hoping by fall to have these little trees up to 2 feet in height. We are anxious to sell this new tree – perhaps even in 2007!