Last year in our meadow we planted an area to wildflowers and ornamental grass. This was done in the Summer of 2005, and this summer – it is already spectacular! In the middle of this bed we have the Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass, surrounded by Purple Coneflowers and the Goldsturm Rudebekia makes it’s appearance in the outer circle.

This bed has received no care this summer. We have to truck water out to the meadow and with the drought – we’ve had to keep our nursery plants alive. Needless to say – these are tough perennials to have grown as they have and just the little rain we did get to sustain them!

A bed like this can be done on a smaller scale for a corner of a backyard – or a place you just don’t want to have to mow any longer… think about it. You need alot of sun but the result is so beautiful. The winter interest provided by this group of plants is one of the reasons we did it as well. Ornamental grass – some of its best features is the winter interest!

We have plenty of these plants in stock so plant now for a beautiful summer of 2007! (Click on the picture to see a larger shot!)