Acorns – Chapter 2

Last October, Jordan and Grandpa collected acorns from the woods where we live south of Northfield. Grandpa taught Jordan how to know what acorns were good and which ones would not grow into trees. He helped get the acorns ready for their winter dormancy period. Grandpa explained to Jordan that he would be able to help us grow some of these acorns on into trees that he and his brothers would be able to plant the trees in an area on our farm that we will be calling “The Grandson’s Grove”.

Today, Jordan and his little brother, Tyger, came and helped plant not only the acorns, but also native sugar maple (hard maple) seed. They could see how the acorns had sprouted and Grandpa showed them how they should be planted.

The sugar maples were next and they had to be planted just a certain way as well. Tyger’s attention span was just long enough to get the seeds in the trays and he wanted to be one to something else.

This summer they will come to the nursery and check on their trees and see how much they have grown and help to take care of them. Next spring, they’ll be able to take them out to the woods and plant them in the ground.

A job well done – the acorns and seeds are planted – and watered and ready to grow into trees!