The hosta is my favorite perennial plant. We have lived in the woods for 15 years and obviously by design were forced into shade perennials. We started out with the usual hostas gracing our gardens – Albo-marginata, Royal Standard, and Lancifolia. That was 15 years ago. Since that time we have expanded our gardens at home from three smaller areas to at least 1/2 acre of hosta garden plus the other annual and perennial beds.

The picture here shows a portion of our hosta gardens. The front part is the original area which we thought was big 15 years ago!

Starting the first week of May – we will be featuring a different hosta on sale along with different companion plants. We stock over 200 varieties of hosta and we’ll be picking out our favorites during the course of the summer. Some will be great specimen plants, and others will boast their abilities to be great border or background plants. Watch the web blog for these weekly upcoming specials and ideas!