Endless Summer Hydrangea and More!

After studying several weather web-sites and ascertaining that they are predicting no nights below 39 degrees in the next 15 days, I decided to get moving!

This morning I started the uncovering of my sensitive plants. I pulled back the mulch on some of my Endless Summer Hydrangeas. I found that the new little shoots had started to emerge – about an inch long along the stems that were under the mulch. They were a little yellowish/green and after a few days in the sun – they should be a vibrant green. The great thing with having used my regular mulch to cover them last fall instead of a more inexpensive grade for winter protection, I was able to rake it around the bed and not have to haul in more mulch now to top-dress these areas!

I have a Zone 6 liguilaria which has been growing for two seasons now and last fall piled about 6 inches of mulch on that as well. Since the ground is still cold in this area, it’ll be a few weeks before it’s up so I’m hoping for the best after this crazy winter and cold spring that we’ve had!

We get calls every day asking if it’s too early for this or that. We feel that it is now safe to pull the mulch back and let the plants start to grow. You need to keep in mind that the average date for the last frost in Minnesota is May 15th. Watch the weather and if the temperature is going to get cold – be prepared to cover anything that you think is sensitive.