Another sign of spring is the brilliant blossoms of the Forsythia. The bright yellow flowers
come to life before the leaves emerge giving an incredible color display.

Forsythia need full sun and since they do their thing first thing in the spring, the remainder of the year you will have a nice shrub that has just green leaves and doesn’t flower again. They have an insignificant fall color. Knowing this, Forsythia make a great backdrop in perennial beds, an anchor for a garden or even as a specimen plant.

As an anchor plant in the perennial garden, you will have bright spring color just as the perennials are starting to emerge in the spring. Once your perennials are blossoming, they have this nice green backdrop to show off their colors.

Forsythia are easy to maintain – you can prune them to keep their shape, fertilize lightly and that’s about it. There are many cultivars on the market and while some are as large as the old fashioned lilacs, there are many varieties now that are shorter since most yards can’t accomodate the larger varieties.