Baby Robins

Every spring here at the nursery we usually end up flagging a half of dozen trees “Not For Sale” until the robin eggs hatch. It’s a rite of spring. This year is no exception. We have had robin’s nests in an assortment of trees, and on a ladder that is stored on the side of the shed.

In our container spruce and pine we have a small spruce tree with a nest with three little blue eggs.

The day I went down to take a second picture of the blue eggs because of the sun being so bright the day before – I was surprised to find three very newborn little robins. Mama was behind me on another tree just a squawking at me. I politely told her I was simply taking a “baby picture” and then I was on my way.

A few days later when I was watering these trees and the one with the nest – the movement around the tree was just enough to trigger the little ones of activity. All at once, three little mouths opened up at the same time- it was one of the neatest things to have witnessed. I then went and grabbed a shovel in search of worms.

I found a few worms and then Leif and I went out and fed these hungry little guys each a worm and left the others on the ground for Mama to find.

Most days it’s fun to be able to work outside – other days it’s nasty, cold, wet or whatever, but on days like this when you can enjoy the wildlife – be it baby bunnies or baby robins – it doesn’t get much better.