Bleeding Heart

The bleeding heart has to be one of Mother’s Nature best perennials. The beauty of this spring bloomer is incredible. The bleeding heart likes part day shade/sun and is great in woodland gardens.

The picture here of our bleeding heart was taken last spring. We have had this clump for about 7 years in this spot and each year it is more gorgeous than the year before.

Our’s is the old fashioned bleeding heart. This perennial also comes in several different varieties – some bigger – some with more textured, fern like leaves and one in white. It is one of those perennials that requires very little maintenance.

We have them in our retail perennials in #1 containers for $8.99. They bloom for about 3 weeks or so and then will occasionally have a few flowers for a bit longer. They will then provide a nice clump of green foliage and in late summer, they will dry up and go dormant until next spring.

In the garden where we have this bleeding heart – we have two other spring performers – a Royal Star Magnolia shrub form which was blossoming last week with bright white flowers and by the end of this next week – our Tinkerbelle Lilac will be blossoming.