Do you Need Shade Relief from the Summer Sun?


We have finally gotten some rain here in the Northfield area so it seems to be a little relief from such a hot, dry and very sunny summer. Are your air conditioning bills high? Did you have to have shades pulled to keep out the sun and heat instead of being able to look outside?

Now is the time to think about getting a shade tree (or trees) planted in your yard to offer you some relief from the summer sun! Remember – they don’t start to grow until you get them planted!

When you think about putting trees in your yard – keep in mind a couple of things. On the north side of your home is a great place to put evergreen trees. Not only will they also offer some shade and privacy, in the winter time they are a great source of blocking the prevailing north – northwest winds that are so cold at that time of year.

On the south and west side of your home where you experience the heat of the summer sun, you should consider shade trees. The trees with a full canopy of leaves will provide a dramatic cooling effect for your home, but in the winter with no leaves – it will let in the winter sun which will actually help heat your home on the sunny, winter days!

Trees that are in nursery containers or balled and burlapped (B&B) can be planted (with a few exceptions) here in Minnesota any time as long as the ground isn’t frozen. By planting trees now you will be able to take advantage of about three months left of the growing season, but with cooler temperatures and shorter days – the watering needs of mid-summer are behind us.

Tree spaded trees (dug out of the ground and moved by the big trucks) can also be planted from spring until late into the season. There are several weeks in late spring/early summer that you should be careful not to move evergreens this way but most other trees can be safely moved this way all season!

Now for the good part – we are offering 20% off on all container, balled and burlapped AND in-ground trees now through the end of August! Stop – think about how hot it was this summer – and make plans to start working on shade relief for next year!