Farewell to Bob Jacobsen

Northfield lost a unique inividual a few short weeks ago in the passing of Bob Jacobsen. A definite piece of Northfield history! There have been many articles in newspapers and the local web-blogs this last month as well as on the radio, so I won’t repeat all these stories of Bob that were mentioned – all of which are true, but to also express to Rollie and Shar Jacobsen our sympathy over their loss. Shar has been a fantasic addition to our staff here for the past 3 1/2 years and through Shar (and Rollie) we have learned so much more about Bob – through the eyes of his family. He was a great man – will be missed by so many and the citizens of Northfield. And to Rollie and Shar – thanks for sharing the many stories of such a wonderful man!