End of the Season

We are now officially ready for winter here at the nursery. We have grouped and covered all of our plant material. It’s a process that takes a couple of weeks from start to finish and it is nice to be able to say all of the plants are tucked in.

We have approximately 200 #15 containerized trees still available (these are over-wintered a different way) and about 300 B&B (balled and burlapped) trees available. We have B&B evergreens, and shade trees and ornamental trees in both B&B and container available. It is best to call ahead about trees so that we are here when you come. Our staff at this time of the year and still cleaning up the nursery or are out with the landscape crews getting the last of the jobs completed. The trees will be available until the ground has frozen. The fall sale price of 30% to 60% off still applies!

Our landscape designers continue to work year ’round so this is actually a wonderful time to consult one of the gals and work on a landscape plan for your yard and you’ll be ready to go in the spring. Give us a call and we can put you in contact with either Amy or Kristin. Kristin Lucas just completed a site visit last Friday with Mary Schier – the editor of the Northern Gardener magazine of the Minnesota Horiticulture Society. We have assisted Mary over the years with several projects at her home here in Northfield and Kristin helped her with ideas for a new perennial bed. Mary does a web-blog called My Northern Garden and it shares her experiences.