Prairie Rose Flowering Crab

Prairie Rose Flowering Crab

Few flowering crabs that are hardy in the upper Midwest can match the floral display of the Prairie Rose Flowering Crab.  This tree has several distinctive traits.

First, the Prairie Rose blooms a week to ten days after other flowering crabs, thereby extending the bloom season when used with other varieties.

Secondly, Prairie Rose blossoms are unique, double pink blossoms.  This creates the appearance of a tree covered with lovely medium pink eye-popping double flowers that look like small roses.

Third, the branching and leaf shape of this tree are unusual, creating a canopy a bit more open and airy than the usual very dense crowns of most flowering crabs.

Fourth, the Prairie Rose Flowering Crab is essentially fruitless, reducing/eliminating fruit litter.  This combination of characteristics may give you reason to consider this tree for your landscape.

Plant in well drained soil with plenty of sun and you will be amazed for years to come.  We have this tree available in balled and burlapped form and we have one in our front display.  Stop in at the nursery soon while the blossoms are in their glory.