Prairie Sentinel Hackberry – a Tree for Small Spaces

The Hackberry has proven itself to be an excellent shade tree alternative to American Elms that have died from Dutch Elm Disease.  Spreading tall and wide similar to a classic elm, the native Hackberry grows well in many soil types.

For spaces where a full size Hackberry tree is simply too large, Prairie Sentinel Hackberry may offer a tough and versatile choice for a more compact size.  While common Hackberry (celtis occidentalis) matures to 75′ tall by 50′ wide, the Prairie Sentinel Hackberry can grow well in difficult urban sites and more limited spaces while maturing to a tamer size of 45′ tall and only 12′ wide. 

J. Frank Schmidt & Son Nursery from Boring, OR,  introduced this Hackberry, having discovered it growing in the rugged plains of western Kansas, it is hardy in Zone 4.  We’ll have these exciting new trees available here at the nursery in the spring.