Prairiefire Flowering Crab

Prairiefire Flowering Crab

The last few days the intense deep reddish pink of Prairefire Flowering Crabs has been providing a rich color burst on many Northfield area landscapes.  Prairiefire blooms open a little later than some of the other flowering crabs, but the wait is well worth it, for just as we get a bit sad that blossoms are fading on Spring Snow Crabs, Red Splendor Crabs and others, the Prairiefire Crabs provide an even better show of electric red/pink blooms.

Growing to a nice medium size of about 15′-20′ wide by 15′ to 20′ wide, Prairiefire Crabs have  good disease resistance and a pleasing round to spreading shape.  Like all apple trees and crabs, care should be taken to avoid wet areas when planting Prairefire Crabs.  The more sunlight Prairefire Crabs get, the better they like it.

We have seen the best results when Prairefire Crabs are planted as potted trees, rather than balled and burlapped trees.  The container grown Prairefire Crabs seem to establish and grow vigorously much more quickly than balled and burlapped trees, so we carry onl ty the light and easy to handle plastic nursery pots.  For amazing deep red/pink color, try Prairefire Flowering Crab.

Prairiefire Flowering Crab - Photo courtesy Bailey Nurseries
Prairiefire Flowering Crab – Photo courtesy Bailey Nurseries