Prime Time

Fall Sugar MaplesOnce again we are headed into a period of the year that is Prime Time for many of our most enjoyable outdoor activities.  Viewing the beautiful autumn leaves, hiking, canoeing, boating, football games, the World Series and camping can all be enjoyed on some of the nicest days of the whole year!

October is also a traditional time for planting trees and shrubs and a great opportunity for doing a landscaping project that may have been delayed during a busy summer.  Moderate temperatures and crisp fall days make for very pleasant working conditions that allow rapid completion of your late season project.

Stoke your enthusiasm for a Prime Time planting or landscaping project by visiting the nursery now while many plants are at the peek of their fall glory.   This is also Prime Time for big savings on purchases  of trees, shrubs and perennials since every single landscaping plant is discounted from now until November 8th, 2015.