Princeton American Elm

Princeton American Elm - photo courtesy Bailey Nurseries
Princeton American Elm – photo courtesy Bailey Nurseries

It is now safe to plant American Elms, since elm varieties are available that have excellent resistance to Dutch Elm Disease.  Princeton American Elm is one of the elm varieties that has performed very well in the landscape, growing quickly into a large, beautiful vase shaped shade tree that can prosper on almost any soil type and not fall victim to Dutch Elm Disease.

If you want to have shade develop quickly in some part of your landscape, a  Princeton American Elm may provide just what you are looking for since Princeton is a true American Elm. it will become a large shade tree, so choose a location where it’s gracefully arching branches have room to spread out comfortably.  Mature size rating is 60′-70′ tall by 60′ wide.

We carry Princeton American Elm in #7, #15, and #30 containers as well as some larger balled and burllapped specimens.  We also carry other disease resistant  elm varieties such as Accolade, Discovery, Triumph, Patriot and New Harmony.  By mid-August we will also have limited availability of Prairie Expedition Elm ad St. Croix Elm, two new American  elms that are from North Dakota and Minnesota.

Stop in today to take a look.  Elm are excellent!