Protect Your Trees

Now is the time to think about protecting your trees from damage going into the winter season.  We have several different types of tree protectors available – depending on the size of the tree and your intitial purpose of protection.  This past weekend – we installed tree protectors on a few of the trees in our meadow at home.  In the past, we have learned our lesson the hard way after we discovered “buck rubs” early in September.

You have invested alot into your trees – monetary and with TLC – and the next step is to protect them going into the winter.  The heavy snows of the past two winters saw lots of trees with rabbit and mice damage to them.  When food is scarce – the critters will start nibbling away at the bark of young trees.   If the damage is too severe, the tree will not recover.   These protectors help to eliminate this from happening.  Heidi has set up a great display here at the nursery and there are descriptions and advice on each of the protectors we have available.  All of these protectors can be used for many seasons which makes it a very inexpensive investment.

2 thoughts on “Protect Your Trees”

  1. Leif or Deb,
    I live in Rosewood Estates off Heywood Road. There is a beautiful pond along Heywood with lots of trees. Seven beavers, 2 adults and 5 little ones have moved in and are doing much damage. The City of Northfield has hired a trapper and the HOA has wrapped the trees with wire. But the beavers have already chewed off the bark around a few of the big beautiful trees.
    Is there a product we can put on this area so the trees won’t die?
    Thank you so much for any information that you can provide.
    Thanks, Debby

  2. Once they have chewed off the bark, it will severely set the tree back. Depending on how deep the wounds – it’s hard to say if the tree will die or not. You can use trunk protectors on smaller sized trees, and on the larger trees – you would need to put a small fence of sorts around the trees to keep the beavers away from the trunk of the tree. On the sealants – sometimes they will trap moisture inside, under the sealant, which could possibly promote decay.

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