Protecting Young Trees

Tree Trunk Protector
Tree Trunk Protector

It’s still not too late to offer more protection for the fairly thin bark on younger trees.  White plastic tree trunk protectors are inexpensive at $3 to $6 each, and easy to install, and can be re-used for 4-5 different winters, unlike the brown paper wraps which are a once and done product.  These white tree wraps offer bark protection from mice, rabbits, groundhogs, whitetail deer rubbing their antlers, winter sun damage and helps prevent wide temperature changes which can also be damaging to tree bark, especially in late winter.,

We like to protect the bark of young trees until their trunks exceed 4 to 5 inches in diameter and the bark is beginning to get thicker and tougher.  Install the white plastic tree wraps in fall, to a height of 3 to 4 feet from ground level, and remove them in the spring when the grass greens up to about 2 inches tall.  Store the wraps out of the sunlight until early fall.

During the growing season,

it’s also important to protect the bottom 6 to 12 inches of the tree trunk bark from the severe damage that can come from careless contact by weed whips and mower decks.  Never ever hit tree bark with a weed whip or the edge of a mower deck.  A wide circle of bark mulch around trees is a good way to keep weed whips and mower decks away from the bark.  If you want additional protection from mower decks and weed whips, we always have available a super strong and simple plastic mesh trunk protector that is sure to protect tree bark from April to October.

The bark of a tree is very much like the arteries that distribute oxygen rich blood to all parts of our bodies.  The bark of a tree performs the same function for trees.  Simple trunk protectors will ensure that a valuable tree can get all its sap to all parts of the tree, and become a vigorous and healthy tree that adds beauty and cooling shade to your landscape.