‘Pucker Up’ Dogwood™ – Red Twig Dogwood

Wow!!!  We just added to our sales deck a new Proven Winners release- ‘Pucker Up’ Dogwood™.   This is a must have dogwood variety.  A red stemmed dogwood unlike any other dogwood!  It’s puckered foliage is so distinctive and is quite resistant to leaf spot because of the glossy, thick foliage which makes it attractive all season!  As with all red-twigged dogwood, the stems will turn red in the winter giving it year round appeal.   It is a dwarf dogwood – 3′-4′ in height and width and hardy from Zone 3 to 8. 

We have many plants that are in the Proven Winners line of plants.  These plants are all tested in various aspects before being selected into the line and it’s not that many which make me take a double look but this one did!   ‘Pucker Up’ will certainly win you over!   We have this plant in very limited numbers this year as it will not be widely available until 2013.  Be the first in your neighborhood to have a ‘Pucker Up’™ Dogwood.

Photo courtesy of Proven Winners