“Pumpkin Hair”


Heidi Brosseau submits the following:

Pumpkin Decorating Knecht’s Nurseries & Landscaping style


It’s that time of year again when I start doing crazy, and silly sorts of things like making eyes and beaks for the evergreen shrubs, hanging bats in the greenhouse, putting the scarecrow in the port-a-potty and here’s a fun “trick” that is sure to “treat”, I give the pumpkins hair!  Yes, I give the pumpkins hairdos and to do it, I use nothing other than… plants!  I have found that planting things inside my pumpkins is a great way to add a whole lot of personality to the annual carving up of dear old Jack.


Here’s my list of favorite pumpkin hair plants!  Ornamental grasses such as Pennsylvania Sedge, Sporobolus or Japanese Forest Grass; annual Dusty Miller or Toffee Twist Grass; perennials and groundcovers like Sedums, Vinca, Lysimachia, Silver Mound, Coral Bells, Ajuga, Cat Mint, Sage, Parsley and Yarrow (pictured).  All of these make excellent pumpkin hair plants and help you to create something new and unique that is sure to become a Halloween favorite!  (I can hear your neighbors already.)  You can style your pumpkin hair by adding a bow, give it a buzz cut or top it off with a cap (of sorts).  Because the plants root ball is actually inside the hollowed out pumpkin I have used other smaller gourds to make a simple face on this one but you could just as easily draw or paint on a face.


One of the nicer things about using perennials for pumpkin hair is that once the Trick-or-Treaters, ghosts and goblins have all gone home, your pumpkin hair can be added to the garden or landscape for you to enjoy year after year.  Isn’t that spooktacular?!  We would love to see what you come up with for your Pumpkins this year.  Share them with us here or on Facebook.  Have fun with it, and Happy Halloween!