‘Purple Dome’ New England Asters

'Purple Dome' Aster
‘Purple Dome’ Aster

Our display beds are showing off their asters!  Every fall we are awestruck by the true abundance of royal purple daisy style flowers on the beautiful ‘Purple Dome’ asters in our display beds.  They never disappoint!  Everyone who sees them goes up for a closer look and to find out what they are.  Asters are inconspicuous wallflowers of perennial beds and borders all summer and then, come September, their song comes on and they hit the dance floor!!  ‘Purple Dome’ is a New England Aster that matures around 2-2.5′ tall and 3-4′ wide.  Because they don’t bloom until later in the season they are excellent planted in conjunction with spring blooming perennials.  Asters combine beautifully with ornamental grasses, sedums, mums and heuchera for dazzling fall plantings.

Plant asters in full sun for best bloom and to discourage mildews from affecting their foliage.  They prefer average soils and can tolerate moist locations provided they have adequate drainage