Purple Robe Locust

PurpleRobe2 PurpleRobe1 Wow – says it when you look at the spring, early summer flower display put on by the Purple Robe Locust.  Leif came in the office yesterday all excited after checking one of our production blocks.  Grabbing the camera he took me back to the rack where the Purple Robe Locust were.  These trees are large shade trees -  – 50′ tall by 30′ wide with bronze-green leaves which turn yellow in the fall.  The tree is hardy to Zone 3.  The beautiful globe shaped locust has these dark rose-pink flowers and foliage that emerges a bronzy-red before turning a bronzy-green for the summer.  Another nice feature – it’s drought tolerant!  These trees are for sale – however – they cannot go home with you until mid-summer once they are fully rooted into their containers.  We’ll mark one sold and call you when they’re ready for their new homes!   These probably won’t be available for long – it seems to be a very popular tree this year!