Put a Little Spring in Your Step with these Gorgeous Spring Bloomers

The spring show is in full swing and it is truly a sight to behold! If you’re realizing you need a little more spring in your step, erm, landscape, consider some of these gorgeous spring trees and shrubs:


Redbuds offer spectacular pink to near-red spring color. The branches of this medium sized tree are absolutely covered with tiny spring blooms, creating an effect that can be seen from a distance. Since redbuds leaf out after they bloom, the flowers, though small, are the stars of the show. After blooming, they put out beautiful heart shaped leaves that complement the elegant form.

Redbuds make an excellent focal point in garden beds and look equally wonderful planted out in the lawn. Though they are tolerant of part sun and less than ideal soil, they will bloom and grow best in a well-drained spot with full sun and decent soil. These trees have a moderate growth rate, which you can support by providing regular watering for the first few seasons and supplemental water in times of drought thereafter. 

Redbud – Minnesota strain

Flowering Crabs

Another spring stunner, flowering crabs are hard to beat. Blooms come in a variety of reds, pinks, and whites that are sure to draw attention from afar. Many of the flowering crabs we carry also feature beautiful persistent fruit, which is often enjoyed by birds and looks lovely hanging on the trees in winter.

Good full sun and decent, well-drained soil will keep your flowering crab performing its best. There are options as far as mature size, so whether you’re looking for a large tree (check out Prairiefire) or a smaller option to tuck in (have a look at Tina), there is a flowering crab for you.

Firebird Flowering Crab in the morning light
Firebird Flowering Crab in the morning light


If you don’t have at least one lilac in your landscape, you’re missing out on something special. These spring bloomers are classics for a reason. Whether you’re looking for a few dwarf lilacs for a small space, aiming to create a classic hedge, or looking for a small tree, there is a lilac that fits the bill. We have several varieties to choose from and they are looking fantastic!

Choose a very sunny, very well-drained site for planting lilacs. These are tough plants that will tolerate most abuses, but they won’t tolerate sitting in wet soil and won’t bloom well in shade. Lilacs are a great choice for that hot, sunny, dry spot in your landscape. As if they aren’t easy enough already, lilacs don’t require (nor do they want) any additional soil amendments and seldom need fertilizing.

Dwarf Korean Lilac in full bloom.

We’ve got a nursery full of gorgeous spring blooming trees, shrubs, and perennials. Stop on by and get inspired!