Red Prince Weigela

Red Prince WeigelaBoatloads of Brilliant Blossoms Boost Red Prince Weigela to the Top!

Weigela are well known for their beautiful trumpet shaped blossoms in early summer.  For use in Minnesota landscapes, Red Prince Weigela is hard to beat.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile there are many excellent Weigelas to choose from, Red Prince appears to be the toughest when it comes to withstanding a Minnesota  winter.  red Prince Weigela is also true to name.  Its true red blossoms are the reddest I have observed on Weigelas and they are produced in large numbers every June.

To stimulate some extra blossoms in late summer, prune back Red Prince Weigela just after the blossoms fade away , and you will usually be able to enjoy a lighter second set of blossoms.

If your Red Prince Weigela gets a little bigger than you want, cut it back really hard in late winter / early spring, and new shoots should turn into a handsome shrub by early June.  Red Prince Weigela will mature to a height and width of 5′-6′.

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