Red Rover dogwood flower

Red Rover Dogwood

We’d like to introduce you to a truly delightful dogwood: Red Rover silky dogwood (Cornus obliqua ‘Powell Gardens’). Red Rover is a compact selection- perfect for residential landscapes that might not have space for some of the larger dogwoods out there. Its many ornamental qualities only sweeten the deal. Here’s the scoop on Red Rover:

Red Rover dogwood flower
Red Rover in flower in early summer. Photo courtesy of Proven Winners
Flowers, Fruit, and Color

Small white flowers appear in early summer and occasionally again in fall. Flowers turn into attractive fruit later in the season that is enjoyed by wildlife. Nice green leaves give way to amazing fall color on the purple/burgundy/red spectrum. Absolutely luminous color!

Red Rover dogwood fall color
Red Rover dogwood fall color. Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

You want some more? Get a load of this:

Red Rover silky dogwood in fall
Red Rover with flowers AND fall color. Photo courtesy of Proven Winners
Habit and Site

Its loose, free form makes it excellent for naturalistic plantings and anywhere softness is needed. Red Rover sizes up to about 4-5 feet tall and wide. An easy care choice, this dogwood is tolerant of shade and works in sunnier spots as well. It is a great shrub for moist to damp areas that might not be ideal for other plants. Awesome for rain gardens and bioswales. Let it naturalize and it will put on a beautiful show!

Red Rover fall color
Red Rover turning even more red. Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

We have many wonderful dogwoods to choose from, but if you’re looking for a compact selection with great fall color, Red Rover might just be the one!