“The Redbuds are Coming!”

Redbud along St. Olaf Avenue
Redbud along St. Olaf Avenue

It’s happening.  The eruption is beginning.  Soon a full blown explosion of brilliant purple/magenta colored blossoms will catch every eye.  the Redbuds are coming!

All winter long the dark gray bare branches of Minnesota Strain Redbuds present a stark contrast against the snow covered landscape.  Buds for the growth of new leaves and shoots are not evident.  It’s hard to imagine that new growth will occur at all come spring, much less a floral display that is absolutely dazzling.

Nevertheless, it’s happening.  I noticed four days ago that tiny eruptions were beginning to show along those smooth grey twigs of our container Redbuds and a faint hit of purple could be seen on close examination.  Depending on temperatures, in the next week or two, these tiny eruptions directly out of the bark will develop into a stunning mass of electric purple that is a welcome fix of color after a long winter.

The Minnesota Strain Redbuds are in my opinion the best show of all the spring flowering ornamental trees.  The color is outstanding and comes very early in spring when we are really longing for a visual feast.

The blossoms of the Minnesota Strain RedOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbuds open long before any leaves so that every single blossom is fully viable, increasing the eye pop and best of all, the Minnesota Strain Redbuds keep their blossoms for 20-30 days, extending the display and the enjoyment far beyond the average 7-12 days that blossoms grace most of the other spring flowering trees.

It’s happening.  The eruption is starting and the drumbeat of spring is rising.  The Redbuds are coming!  Be ready.  Come see.  Enjoy the show!

8 thoughts on ““The Redbuds are Coming!””

  1. They sure are.. We have Redbud clumps down here at the nursery – we have several at our home. They’re all around Northfield – the one I feature on our blogs is on St. Olaf Avenue.

  2. We have a Minnesota Strain Redbud that was planted last spring. It did well over the summer. Early in the spring I noticed that all the buds were black and many had fallen off the tree. So far it hasn’t grown new buds and doesn’t show any signs of coming out of dormancy. I scratched off bark in a few locations and the flesh is still green. Is it doomed? Or what is happening here?

  3. My well-established redbud now has tiny leaves coming, but it hasn’t flowered, and gives no sign of doing so! Is that known to happen after harsh winters? It has flowered wonderfully every year.

  4. The Redbuds really have experienced an awful winter. Many have had blossom dieback but are leafing out very well. Continue to take care of your tree, fertilize as you normally would and it hopefully will blossom as it should next spring.

  5. When is the best time to trim a Redbud? I have a few branches that are rubbing against each other. Am I correct in presuming that dead branches can be trimmed any time?

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