Redbuds on the Rebound

RedbudFor the first time in many years, Redbud trees in the Northfield area failed to produce their normal outburst of shimmering purple/magenta blossoms this spring.  Redbuds were not the only landscape plants that suffered from the winter of 2013-2014.  Almost everyone lost established perennials, shrubs and even some trees.  For a few weeks in May, we were wondering if the Redbud trees that failed to blossom properly were actually winter killed.

Much to our relief, most of the Redbud trees that failed to blossom, have now produced a healthy set of leaves and shoot growth is underway.  While a few Redbuds did die, the majority now appear to be well on their way to restored vigor.  This is a huge relief, as we did not want to lose the time tested Minnesota Strain Redbuds that have been so successful and much loved by the steadily growing number of people who have chosen to place a Redbud in their landscapes.

A moderate application of a timed release fertilizer like Osmocote, and a good heavy watering during periodic droughts should help your Redbud rebound and once again produce dazzling purple blossoms each spring in the years to come!