Redpointe Maple – Acer rubrum ‘Frank Jr.’ pp 16769

Redpointe Maple is a red maple selection with outstanding attributes.  Brilliant red fall color, excellent and strong branching, uniform shape and good growth rate make Redpointe Red Maple an attractive option.

Better tolerance of urban conditions, and improved resistance to fungus diseases, leaf hoppers and spider mites, make Redpointe Red Maple a tree very likely to succeed in our difficult Minnesota climate.  Even better is the ability of Redpointe Maple to tolerate slightly aklaline soil, of which we have an abundance in southern Minnesota.  Other Red Maple selections require acid soil to really perform well.

While Redpointe Maple is conservatively rated as a Zone 5 tree, we have been watching some out in landscape situations and hardiness has been good, even last winter when an open winter and horrible spring freeze wreaked havoc with many red maple varieties that carry zone 4 and 3 ratings.

Redpointe Red Maple grows to a medium mature size of 45 feet tall by 30 feet wide.  The narrower width makes it a good choice for urban lots, and Red Pointe is sure to delight the eye with excellent red fall color for years to come.  Available in #7 and #15 containers.