Regal Prince Oak

Urban landscapes increasingly demand trees that have compact form and size while providing beauty and a bit of shade.  The columnar Regal Prince Oak is just such a tree, combining the beautiful deep green shinny foliage of its Swamp White Oak parent with the upright oval shape of it’s upright English Oak parent.

Regal Prince Oak grows at a fairly good speed into a shapely and well proportioned tree of about 50 ft. tall by only 20-25 feet wide.  This is half the width of a normal shade tree, but still enough width of a normal shade tree, but still enough to give some nice shade where space is limited.

Tolerating a wide range of soil types, and locations both wet and dry, Regal Prince Oak distinguishes itself with great versatility in a multitude of situations.  If you want a lovely tree of moderate size and striking appearance, you may want to give the handsome Regal Prince Oak a try.