Remember the Wet Spring?

The weather forecast is for LaNina to continue – meaning lots of snow from Dec – Feb and perhaps a wet April again!  Plant your trees and shrubs now yet this fall when conditions are good and they’ll “sleep” in your yard and in the spring – they take off and you won’t miss any of the 2012 growing season.    You don’t have to wait for the yard to dry out and then get them planted.  Plant now instead!


We still have an amazing selection of trees, shrubs and perennials for your fall planting.  All plants are at least 20% off, some are 30% off, others are 40% and many are on sale at 50% off regular prices.   We will be open 7 days a week Sunday November 6th.  Starting on November 7th, 2011- we will begin the over-wintering process.  We’ll still be open and until plants are grouped, tipped and covered – they’ll be available for sale!