Renewal and Rebirth

White crocus
White crocus

For millions of people in North America, the spring season is a time of renewal and rebirth in so many ways.  There is the psychological uplift that many of us experience as the days grow longer and the strength of the sun’s rays gets greater with each passing day.

In the northern hemisphere the advent of spring coincides with the celebration of Easter by followers of the Christian faith.  I think that believers and non- believers alike experience a spiritual renewal as we observe a seemingly dead and lifeless winter landscape spring to life with an explosion of vibrant growth.  It is a wonderful thing to experience after a long winter, and I seem to experience a bit more intensity of positive spiritual energy since my Lutheran faith is simultaneously celebrating Easter.

Whatever your cultural and religious background happens to be, spring is a fantastic time of year to be outdoors, enjoying warmer temps, taking in the wonderful changes that take us from the depths of winter to a landscape brimming with new life. It’s a great time to make plans for renewal of a portion of your landscape or to plan for activities with your family over the spring and summer that introduce us to new experiences that are both fun and broaden our horizons and our understanding of how very interconnected and interdependent we are with the fragile and splendid ecosystem of planet Earth, and all the people and cultures throughout the world.

May this spring and this Easter bring us all closer to the wonder of the natural world and strengthen the bonds of friendship for all people across the globe.