Renissance ‘Oasis’ Paper Birch

Paper Birch have long been one of the most striking landscape trees available, sporting beautiful white bark and golden yellow fall color.  One limiting factor in the use of paper birch has been an uncertain life expectancy due to the possibility of infestation by birch borers.  These insects tunnel through bark, interrupting sap flow, and over a period of years can eventually result in the loss of a prized tree.

Evergreen Nursery in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin has had a 35 year breeding program to develop paper birch with increased resistance to birch borers.  I have grown all the paper birch varieties that resulted from this program, and have concluded that Renaissance ‘Oasis’ Paper Birch is the most beautiful, and the most resistant to birch borers and drought.

‘Oasis’ Paper Birch has brown bark in youth, but within just a couple of years begins to develop nice white bark, ultimately becoming a really pure white, and growing quickly into a nice size shade and ornamental tree!

With increased resistant to birch borers, ‘Oasis’ Paper Birch merits consideration for placement in an important place in the landscape.  I recommend a very simple one minute, once a year treatment with the systemic insecticide – Imidacloprid – to be sure that your paper birch will delight your eye for decades to come.  Just pour the solution on the ground around the trunk and for a few dollars per year, you can protect against birch borers.  No spraying or injecting is necessary.