Rudbeckia Goldsturm

Rudbeckia Goldsturm is one of the most classic perennials.  It has been blooming now in gardens for several weeks and will continue up until frost.   It’s common name is Black Eyed Susan.

It has to make you smile.  The bright yellow / gold flower petals brighten up even the cloudiest of days.   This perennial has earned the title of perennial of the year in 1999.  It can grow in Zone 3 – all the way to Zone 9.  Most of the country.   The height is 18″-24″.  There are different cultivars that are shorter.

If you read the tag of the Goldsturm Rudbeckia – it will say “Full Sun”.  I have three different clusters of them – one on the north side of our house, one on the south side and a smaller cluster out in my hosta garden.  All are growing beautifully right now and look radiant.  Since we live in the woods – the sun on the north side is only a few hours, the hosta garden about half day now that we lost so many trees, and on the south side of our house – it may be about 6 hours of sun a day.   They bloom for months – but start just a little later than those in full sun.

They will self seed – so if you want a contained plant – this might not be the one to choose.  We leave them all winter and cut them down in the spring.  The seed heads add winter interest to the garden as well as a food source to the wintertime birds.  There is something special about seeing a little Chickadee going after the seed heads with snow coming down.  

Pair the Goldsturm Rudbeckias with Coneflowers  and you will have a minature prairie planting!