Saying Goodbye to Gabby

downloadOn May 10th, 2015, we lost one of our own here at Knecht’s Nurseries as we said goodbye to our beloved Gabby.  For 15 years, she has welcomed customers,  warmed up to the little ones, rubbed up against the legs of our employees during meetings and most of all – loved each and everyone of us unconditionally.  She was with Leif and me- 24 / 7.  She’d come to work with us,  went home with us, and except for some winter vacations – she would go on our canoe trips or cabin trips.

During the night Saturday, she suffered a stroke.  Sunday morning, she still wagged her tail, but her personality and strength were waning.  She is now at peace.

Losing a loving pet is like losing a member of your family.   Jared and Steph had grown up and moved on, starting their own families.  She was there to lift us up and provide the companionship when the house was quiet.  She would lay on the floor and let the grandkids crawl over her and tug at her ears and she would just absorb it all.    When she was 6, we adopted Cooper – another Rat Terrier.  In just a matter of hours, they became brother and sister.   Cooper was a littler harder to train than other dogs I have worked with, and Gabby sensed this and took the lead.  She’d go to the door, wait for Cooper, and the two of them would go outside together.  This is just one example of the incredible spirit Gabby possessed.

Her greatest pleasure was fishing with Leif.  When she would see the fishing gear come out and the canoe put on the car – she was frantic to go with.  Some of our most special memories of Gabby are on the many, many trips to the Boundary Waters.

Gabby & CooperCooper misses his big sister – the morning routine  just isn’t the same right now when she isn’t along for the ride and the daily treat for “coming to work” isn’t being shared.  She was just to the vet a month ago for her annual checkup.  She was in great shape for an elderly dog.  You can’t predict a stroke.  Cherish your pets – scratch their ears one more time – let them know that you love them.

RIP Gabby.