Scarlet Pinnacle Oak

Scarlet Pinnacle Oak is an upright and compact oak hybrid, grown from open pollinated acorns, offering interesting genetic diversity and hybrid vigor.  The parent tree providing the acorns is the excellent columnar oak hybrid – Crimson Spire Oak.

Like it’s parent tree, Scarlet Pinnacle Oak leaves will turn a nice rusty red color in fall, which mature to rusty brown and remain on the tree throughout the winter, providing visual interest and good privacy screening.  Since each tree is a genetically distinct individual, Scarlet Pinnacle Oak will each have slightly different characteristics, but are predominately an oak with upright columnar form.

An excellent use for Scarlet Pinnacle Oak would be the creating of a thicket of randomly, asymmetrically spaced trees that due to their tendency to retain leaves throughout the winter will provide almost year around privacy.  The landscape use of oaks grown from open pollinated seed offers an interesting opportunity to discover the diversity produced by natural pollination.

Give Scarlet Pinnacle Oaks a try on your journey of discovery.