Sedum at Sunset

I’ve heard sedum referred to as the workhorse of the garden. They are described as hardy and low maintenance, attractive to butterflies, easy to grow, long lived, and tolerant of heat, drought, salt, and poor soils. The good news is, it’s all true! Add to this fine resume an abundance of long-blooming starry flowers in late summer and fall, and you have an award winning perennial!


Sedum Rock ‘N Grow® ‘Pure Joy’

Sedum Rock ‘N Grow® ‘Pure Joy’ is a fantastic variety that forms dense mounds of thick, succulent, light green leaves in spring. By late summer, ‘Pure Joy’s’ clean mounds of foliage are covered in pale pink buds that open to bright bubblegum pink flowers. ‘Pure Joy’ will reach 10-12” tall by 16-20” wide, making it excellent along landscape edges, perennial borders and walkways.